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Welcome to Ease in Mind!

Did you know?

Ease” in the sewing jargon stands for the amount of room a garment is given by the pattern designer.

For made-to-measure clothes you have to first determine your exact measurements. Then, when you construct the pattern out of your measurements you add ease. This ensures that your clothes allow you to move in them. Without ease you wouldn’t be comfortable in your clothes.


Nothing works without a dash of creativity!

It’s exactly this extra step that makes your boring numbers turn into something wearable. For us, ease is a symbol for our creative work.

We love boring numbers, theory and technical know-how. BUT: without ease and this dash of creativity, nothing useful will  spring from our hands.


This is who we are:

We love check-lists, fact sheets, rules and laws. Our love of the boring is only matched with our love for creative chaos–the unexpected and the happy accidents that are born form bedlam. That’s why on our blog you’ll find both: cheat sheets  and tutorials as well as colorful, chaotic creations that are bound to inspire you to create whatever your heart desires!


Get a cup of coffee or tea, have a seat and let’s sew, craft and create together!

handmade wreath of leaves - tutorial using faux leather #diy #wreath
visible mending - mend your jeans with lovely rose stitches #diy #mending #handmade #visiblemending
Cygne Swimsuit pattern review #handmade #sewing #diyswimsuit
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