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The Cygne Swimsuit by Small Bobbins (design by Hari Ito Lingerie) can be hacked into a really cute bikini. I took pictures of the steps I took, including how I changed the back to accommodate a bikini. The pattern contains waist lines, so I decided to go for some high-waist bikini bottoms and added a band to the bikini top. I figured that suits my curvy figure best, but the bikini bottom can obviously also be

There are pieces of clothing where fitting issues are not too apparent - and then there's swimwear. A swimsuit that does not fit is such a pain. Especially if you're curvy. Then you have to constantly check that your boobs don't fall out or that your ass is still covered 😂  The perfect swimsuit should also not be too tight so it squishes your figure, but not too loose so that it does not hold

Today I'll show you how I sewed my latest Burda shirt #114 from the June BurdaStyle Magazine edition 2020. I wanted a clean finish on this one because the crepe fabric I chose frays a lot. I used bias binding on the seams. With the flutter sleeves the bound seams gives it a really nice flair and since they flutter when you move your arms, you can actually see the bound seams.

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