summer bucket list #summersewing #diy #summer

Stress-free summer bucket list

For our creative challenge in July and August 2020 we’re going for something a little different: We each made a bucket list with different things we want to accomplish during our summer. Each of us came up with 13 items and we’ll make sure to keep us motivated throughout the summer to complete it! It’s so much more fun to complete a bucket list with a friend!

Lenzi and I are both people who love to do check-lists, todo lists and we tend to work better with deadlines in our lives 😂 What may be stressful to others, get’s us going. But fear not, our bucket list is stress-free. If we don’t manage to tick off all the items on the list, who cares 😆😍.

What do you say? Want in on the fun? Create your own bucket list and tag us and we’ll help you stay motivated! Feel free to add as many items to your list, 13 is just a suggestion.

Now, let’s get to it, here are our bucket lists and we’ll keep you updated here on the blog and on social media!

Chibi’s Bucket List

summer bucket list #summersewing #diy #summer

Lenzi’s Bucket List

summer bucket list #summersewing #diy #summer

Have a wonderfully sunny, warm and fun summer!

Lenzi and Chibi

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